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Clipping Path Support (CPS) is basically one stop solution for all your photo/image editing needs. We always importance the real and advantage of our clients that’s why we are on top always since beginning. Clipping Path Support (CPS) was established in the year 2009 with the objective of providing quality graphic design & image editing services online.

Clipping Path Support (CPS) is able of receiving any complex editing material regarding to Image Retouching, Cutout, Jewellery Retouching, Clipping Path, Photo Restoration, Photo Enhancement, Photo Masking and others. We have good team to handle bulk orders maintaining good quality and quick turnaround time.

Clipping Path Support (CPS) founded by entrepreneur Mr. Davide Marzia as the CEO of this image editing solutions company and he understands the demands of the client’s requirements.


Why you choose us?

Low cost service
No payment required before completion
Quick turnaround
Satisfaction guarantee
Quotation within one hour
Volume discount
Triple check quality control
24 hours customer support
All types of photo treatment service available
Monthly payment schedule available
Easy and flexible services
Huge amount of image processing capacity
Service available 24/7- 365 day


Here at Clipping Path Support (CPS) your work is the center of sight; everything revolves around it to make it perfect! More than 150 expert in house professionals are available to you. Any of the services you will expect from our studio at the reach of a click. Clipping path included, of course. Get feedback within one hour or less, no matter when you send your request, there’s always someone for you. At Clipping Path Support (CPS) we used the latest technology to ensure you always get the best output. Also our payment system is only after you are happy with the work. We are risk free. You can contact us now to get best quality image editing services at affordable price..

In the beautiful surroundings of Upcote Farm in Cheltenham, 2000 Trees festival is a gem of a find if you’ve been lucky enough…I found this festival in 2008 when ‘Reuben’ were due to headline, but even though they disbanded a few weeks prior to the festival, us fans still decided to turn up, and boy am I glad I did… Being a small sized 5000 capacity festival, but not enough to have Clipping Path Support (CPS) at the bars and toilets. The balance between atmosphere and accessibility is second to none. The food stalls are all hand picked, the same with the local ciders/ales and beers, the organisers have really nailed it on the head, you can tell they themselves are, as well as bringing in some Clipping Path Support (CPS), it really does cater for every type music fan.

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